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Total Reader Overview - Educators
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Learn how Total Reader can be integrated into your classroom!


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Learn more about why students love using Total Reader!
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Learn how to track your child’s reading growth from home!
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Learn more about the basic concept and uses of the Lexile Framework for Reading.
2 min 22 seconds
Learn what an individuals Lexile measure tells us about their grade level reading ability.
1 min 59 seconds
Learn what the Lexile measure of a book can tell you about it’s age appropriateness.
1 min 59 seconds
Help answer the question, “Should I be worried about the use of Lexile measures limiting what a child can read?”
3 min 43 seconds
Why do some books with high Lexile measures seem easier to read than those with lower Lexile measures?
2 min 10 seconds
What, if anything, does the Lexile measure of a book indicate about a book’s quality?


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Helpful tips for student users to start using Total Reader!


Helpful tips for educators to start using Total Reader and frequently asked questions!
Best practices for motivating reading growth for any content, any grade and any student!
Learn more about how Total Reader works and its scientific-reliability.
Bending the Text Complexity to Close the Gap
Research to help close the identified gap between the reading demands of high school and the postsecondary world.
Quantifying the Reading Ability Needed for "College & Career Readiness
Find out how the Lexile Framework for Reading can help quantify college and career readiness.
The Text Complexity Continuum in Grades 1 – 12
This brief summarizes research that quantifies grade-level text complexity across grades 1 – 12.
Bridging the Readiness Gap
Demystifying required reading levels for postsecondary pursuit.
Bending the Reading Growth Trajectory
Instructional strategies to promote reading skills and close the readiness gap.
What is Expected Growth?
Research outlining the expected Lexile growth of students.
Fulfilling the Promise of the Common Core
Innovative solutions to eliminate the readiness gap in the “new normal.”
Aligning the Journey with a Destination
A model for K-16 reading standards and research to help all students become college and career ready.
Student Readiness for Postsecondary Options
Research around why some students who leave high school successfully may be nevertheless unprepared for the array of possibilities that face them in the postsecondary world.
Why Do Scores Change?
Learn about the various reasons for why users may see fluctuations in their Lexile score.
The Reading – Writing Connection
Information about how a students reading and writing abilities are complimentary and growth in one skill inevitably leads to growth in the other
Text Complexity of English International Newspapers
An investigation into the text complexity of online English newspapers sampled from around the world
Next-Generation Assessments
Seven principles to help guide the development of 21st century assessments.

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